HIV Congress 2014, 21st - 23rd  March 2014, Hotel Taj Lands End, Bandra (West), Mumbai, India,, Theme : Can we eradicate HIV infection ?

HIV Congress 2014, 21st - 23rd March 2014, Hotel Taj Lands End, Bandra (West), Mumbai, India,, Theme : Can we eradicate HIV infection ?

Scientific Program

Day 1 • Friday, 21st March  2014 Day 2 • Saturday, 22nd March 2014 Day 3 • Sunday 23rd March 2014
Friday, 21st March  2014 • Ball Room, Taj Lands End Hotel
0730-0830 Registration  
0830-1000 Chairpersons : Janak Patel, USASally Hodder, USAA S Rathore, New Delhi
  Session 1 - Epidemiology: Where Do We Stand?  
  The Change in Paediatric In-patient Profile Over The Last Decade
Ashraf Coovadia, South Africa
  ARVs – Changing the HIV Prevention Landscape Quarraisha Abdool Karim, South Africa
  Management of HIV infected Individuals in Oman Mohamed Redha Al Lawati, Oman
  HIV Spares No One Ayesha Sunavala, Mumbai
  New WHO ART Guidelines: Progress and Challenges Towards
Universal Access
Stefano Vella, Italy
1000-1155 Chairpersons : Annapurna Vyakarnam, UK • Brian Eley, South Africa • G. Manoharan, Coimbatore
  Session 2 - Perinatal HIV: From Womb To The Cradle  
  HIV and  Contraception Jyoti Dhar, UK
  Reproductive Desires and Management of
HIV Serodiscordant Couples
William R. Short, USA
  Controversies in HIV treatment and prevention in women Sally Hodder, USA
  HIV and Pregnancy- Management Recommendations In 2014 Michelle Giles, Australia
  Role of Family Planning in Perinatal HIV Prevention Janak Patel, USA
  Can HIV Concordant/ Discordant Couples Have Children? Nalin Nag, New Delhi
  Pediatric / Perinatal HIV: Then & Now, The Indian Scenario Rashid Merchant, Mumbai
1155-1235 Chairpersons : Christoph Königs, Germany • Jehangir Sorabjee, Mumbai • Ved Pandey, Indore
  Session 3 - Neuro AIDS : Will Test Our Nerves?  
  Focal Neurological Deficit in HIV infected Individuals-
A Case-based Approach
Jency Koshy, Ludhiana
  A Case Series of HIV Encephalopathy Ameet Dravid, Pune
  Where We Could Never Achieve CD4 Target - A Case Report. Jayant K. Panda, Cuttack
  Sleep in HIV Infection- Clinical Implications S. Ramnathan Iyer, Mumbai
  A Rare Case Of HIV Presenting As Progressive
Multifocal  Leukoencpelapathy
R. N. Padhiyar , Mumbai
1235-1310 LUNCH  
1310-1415 Chairpersons : William Short, USAKaushal Verma, New DelhiVikrant Shah, Mumbai  
  Session 4 - HIV and STI: The Fatal Attraction  
  What is New in HIV Dermatology: The Global Perspective Toby Maurer, USA
  Mucocutaneous Manifestations Of HIV / AIDS  In Adolescents Yogesh Marfatia, Baroda
  Interaction of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections Neena Khanna, New Delhi
  Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and HIV Co-infection in  Women and Men Deborah Konopnicki, Belgium
  HIV & Syphilis -Two Desructive Pathogens Acting In Tandem Sushrut Save, Mumbai
1415-1540 Chairpersons : Stefano Vella, ItalyRavi Vadrevu, KakinadaSushila Kataria, Gurgaon
  Session 5 - TB and HIV : The Crime Syndicate  
  Newer TB Diagnostics for Children Brian Eley, South Africa
  The Treatment of HIV and TB Co-infection Salim S. Abdool Karim, South Africa
  Diagnosis of HIV-associated Tuberculosis Stephen D. Lawn, UK
  HIV & Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria – A Case Study Mitesh Suthar, Mumbai
  Loop- Mediated Isothermal Amplification (Lamp) for Rapid Diagnosis
of Tuberculous Meningitis In HIV infected Individuals
Kusum Sharma, Chandigarh
1540-1700 Chairpersons : Ashraf Coovadia, South AfricaMukesh Agrawal, MumbaiS.R.Shahi, Punjab
  Session 6 - Pediatric HIV: Not A Child’s Play  
  Growth and Development of HIV infected Children - Preliminary Findings Glory Alexander, Bengaluru
  Outcomes of ART in Children Brian Eley, South Africa
  Neurocognitive Function in HIV infected Children and
Adolescents in Relation to Antiretroviral Therapy
Christop Königs, Germany
  Orphans of the HIV Epidemic - The Challenges Beyond Mamatha Lala, Mumbai
  Paediatric AIDS In India - Trends And Challenges" S.N.Mothi, Mysore
1700-1755 Chairpersons : Francesca Ceccherini Silberstein, ItalyGeorge Oommen, MumbaiAnil Kumar Dhar, Jammu
  Session 7 - Opportunistic Infections: Spectrum of Vulnerability  
  Understanding CD4 T cell Function in HIV Infection Annapurna Vyakarnam, UK
  STI Co-infection Archana Sud, Australia
  Opportunistic Virus  Infections among HIV Infected Individuals From
South India
Rajesh Kannangai, Vellore
  HIV-1 Drug Resistance Mutations: Observations from a Referral Laboratory in Mumbai Shamma Shetye, Mumbai
Saturday, 22nd March 2014 • Ball Room, Taj Lands End Hotel

Chairpersons : Mark Nelson, UKSamir Shah, MumbaiVivek Hande, INS Mumbai

  Session 8 - HIV, Liver and Kidney: The Deadly Cocktail  
  Characteristics of A HIV-HBV Co-infected Cohort from Kolkata S K Guha, Kolkatta
  Novel Approaches to Eradicate Hepatitis B: Targeting the Virus,
Host or Both?

Shyam Kottilil, USA

(For Mani.Subramanian, USA)
  Beyond Injecting Drug Use: Hepatitis C Among HIV-infected Men
Who Have Sex With Men
Joe Sasadeusz, Australia
  Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV and Hepatitis Co-infection:
What Do We Need to Consider?
Jürgen Rockstroh, Germany
  Interferon-free Directly Acting Therapy for HCV? Shyam Kottilil, USA
  Liver Transplant in HIV -2 and HCV Co-infected patient -
Facing Challenges
Parijat Gupte, Mumbai
  HIV and Kidney Mark Nelson, UK
1035-1125 Chairpersons : Hans-Jürgen Stellbrink, GermanyAnil Tripathi, LucknowFalguni Parikh, Mumbai
  Session 9 - ART: Myths and Realities  
  Timing of ART in Patients with Opportunistic Infections Graeme Meintjes, South Africa
  Towards an HIV Cure - Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going? Sharon R Lewin, Australia
1125-1225 Chairpersons : Raman Gangakhedkar, PuneManuel Battegay, SwitzerlandD.G.Saple, Mumbai
  Session 10 - Evolving ART: Changing Landscape
(Educational Grant from MYLAN - GILEAD)
  Need of Early Treatment and Newer Management Strategies:
The Indian Context
Raman Gangakhedkar, Pune
  Early Initiation of Treatment –Will It Work for Resource-limited Settings? Jürgen Rockstroh, Germany
  New Strategies and Recently Available Agents in Antiretroviral Therapy Mark Nelson, UK
1230-1330 FELICITATION  
1330-1400 LUNCH  
1400-1520 Chairpersons : Rajeev Soman, MumbaiJennifer Hoy, AustraliaJayant Panda, Cuttack
  Session 11 - Understanding Ground Reality  
  Post-exposure Prophylaxis and Implementation in Indian Situations G.D. Ravindran, Bangalore
  Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance for Antiretrovirals Thomas Mertenskoetter, Germany
  Current Causes of Morbidity and Mortality in People Suppressed
Jürgen Rockstroh, Germany
  Tenofovir Toxicities Amar Pazare, Mumbai
  New WHO Recommendations and Its Impact on Resource-limited Countries Salim Abdool Karim, South Africa
  Immunological Response of cART in HIV- 2 Infected Patients:
An Observational Study
Ketan Patel, Ahmedabad
1520-1650 Chairpersons : Graeme Meintjes, South AfricaMilind Bhrushundi, NagpurUdai Lal, Hyderabad
  Session 12 - Malignancy and HIV:  Malicious Alliance  
  Lymphoma In HIV : A Case-based Discussion Dipanjan Bandyopadhyay, Kolkata
  Spectrum of Malignancies In HIV in North India Aman Sharma, Chandigarh
  Cervical cancer prevention in HIV-infected women Vinay Kulkarni, Pune
  HIV-associated Malignancies Kirsty Balachandran, UK
  HIV-related Malignancies- Tata Memorial  Hospital Experience Aruna Alahari Dhir, Mumbai
  Anal Cancer in HIV infected Individuals Sheela Sawant, Mumbai
  Investigating PUO with HIV - Importance of PET-CT Scan- A Case Study J.K. Maniar, Mumbai
  HIV & Lymphoma: A Case Study Sangmesh Chavanda, Mumbai
  A Study of HPV Genotypes among HIV infected Women From
Andhra Pradesh, India
Surya Rao Kutikuppala, Visakhapatnam
1650-1800 Chairpersons : Shyam Kottilil, USASharon R Lewin, Australia Sanjeev Sinha, New Delhi
  Session 13 - HIV Drug Resistance: Resistance to Change
(Educational Grant from MSD)
  Update on HIV Drug Resistance: 2014 Jonathan M. Schapiro, USA
  Switching Antiretroviral Drugs: When and How to Switch Hans-Jürgen Stellbrink, Germany
  Essential  Vaccination in HIV infected Adolescents / Adults Janak Patel, USA
  Raltegravir A Option in Failure/ Resistant Cases - A Case Series Ruby Bansal, Ghaziabad
  A Case of Antiretroviral Resistance Alok Vashishtha, Haridwar
20.00 hrs Banquet at Poolside Lounge, Taj Lands End Hotel  
Sunday 23rd March 2014 • Ball Room, Taj Lands End Hotel
0900-1000 Chairpersons : W.David Hardy, USASalim Abdool Karim, South AfricaPrabhash Bhattacharya, Guwahati
  Session 14 - HIV and Ageing: Recognising Greying Early  
  HIV and Ageing - Are We Equipped Enough to Face?- Indian Scenario Murugan Sankaranantham, Tirunelveli
  Accelerated Biological Ageing in HIV-infected Individuals in
Resource-limited Settings
Sophia Pathai, UK
  The Effects of HIV on The Aging Process with An Emphasis on
Biomarkers for  Cardio-vascular Diseases
Trevor Hawkins, USA
  Drug Eluting Coronary Stent in HIV-2  – A Case Report Mahesh Lakhe, Pune
1000-1020 Chairpersons : V. K. Bhargava, HyderabadSophia Pathai, UK
Jyoti Dhar, UK
  Session 15 - Plenary: Can Current Thinking Predict Future?  
  Update from CROI 2014: New Drugs on the Horizon Jonathan  Schapiro, USA
1020-1045 Professor Ramamoorthy Oration  
  Lessons Learnt While Scaling up to The World’s Second Largest
ART Program in  India
B.B.Rewari, New Delhi
1045-1300 Chairpersons : Michelle Giles, AustraliaKrishna Pandey, Patna John Ramapuram, Mangalore
  Session 16 - Recent Advances in Managing HIV:
Reality or Illusion?
  New Antiretroviral Drugs Francesca Ceccherini Silberstein, Italy
  Distinct Clinical Scenarios in HIV Jürgen Rockstroh, Germany
  Can Stem Cell Therapy Cure HIV Disease? Ann Kiessling, USA
  HIV Cure Strategies: Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Approaches W. David Hardy, USA
  Individualization of Initial HIV Therapy – Is It Really An Issue? Manuel Battegay, Switzerland
1300-1400 Chairpersons : Trevor Hawkins, USASajithkumar, KottayamMoti Talpada, Ahmedabad
  Session 17 - HIV & Bones: Bringing Skeleton Out of Cupboard  
  MAC arthritis in HIV-infected Individuals Vipul Shah, Ahmedabad
  HIV and Bone Disease Jennifer Hoy, Australia
  HIV and Bone Disease – Indian Scenario Atul Kakkar, New Delhi
  All is Not Well with Tenofovir- Bones Cry Harsh Toshniwal, Ahmedabad
  Multiple Osteolytic lesions as Presenting Feature in a 14 year old Boy Murugan Sankaranantham, Tirunelveli
1415~onwards LUNCH  

Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) has Granted Four Credit Hours for Delegates.